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Learn to surf the waves of transformation and complexity! We invite you to embark on a transformative journey of discovery and growth. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to master the dynamic challenges of today’s world.

Every transformation needs people who drive the change and help others to establish new ways of working. This 5-months program enables the participants to facilitate big and small transformations.

Understand the differences of complicated and complex challenges and why & where the “good old” management methods reach their limits. This fundamental course is part of our free content.

Collaboration is key when it comes to developing ideas. The challenge is to stay focused on achieving good results. This hybrid journey balances both: great collabo-ration and result-orientation.

Complex environments need a culture where giving feedback on all levels feels absolutely natural. This hybrid journey helps leaders to build a strong feedback culture in their teams and organizaitons.

OKRs are a helpful and well thought-out tool for setting, prioritizing, communicating and monitoring objectives within teams. With this self-learning Deep Dive you learn how to formulate good OKRs and you you stay on track.

Our methodbox contains tons of tools and methods for your transformation and for leading and working in a new way. Find practical step-by-step descriptions as well as templates and cheat sheets.